Heros of GreenScreen at BlueRock!

Dan Poole has been a superhero fan for his entire life, and instead of just reading comics or watching the movies, he became one!  From his early versions of Spiderman action movies to his epic local production of The Photon Effect, Dan has pretty much done it all!  But when it came to make his latest superhero evolution, he turned to BlueRock to make it happen.  Our new Towson Studio was just the right size to allow his Greenscreen vision to become a reality.

Dan shared, “Of all the things we needed to pull it off, first and foremost on the list was a studio with a green screen to achieve the Bat Cave.  And the first place I think of when it comes to studios in Baltimore is Bluerock Productions.  Making that phone call is always a great feeling because I have come to know Owner Gregg Landry as a great champion of local filmmakers.  He is generous with his advice and excited to offer ideas to help make projects efficient and successful.

He invited me and Co-Producer/Set Designer Eric Supensky to Bluerock’s new Towson location to tour the space and assess our needs.  After lending us quite a bit of his valuable time, he allowed us to remain in the studio plotting our shoot and schedule with his team.  It simply could not have gone any smoother.  The week of the shoot they helped us load in some big props Eric’s shop supplied so we didn’t have to deal with it on production day.  Then the team opened the doors for us hours before cameras rolled so we could dress the set, finish building the foreground props and light it.

While Gregg and company were obviously welcome on the set and could hear us laughing in between takes for hours, they left us to our silliness, poking their heads in only to make sure we had everything we needed.  When we wrapped, we were given the option to leave everything until the following day if needed.  Who does that??  Production people, that’s who.  People that get it.  People that actually care about your project and what it takes to produce it.

I remain extremely happy with my goofy 12 minute Batman spoof and I know the only way I pulled it off was with the help of talented colleagues, actors and the go-to studio in Bmore.  Thanks, Bluerock!”