Great Moments in the Career You Have Chosen

Believe it or not, the Cubs won the world series!  Big news for the lovable losers who became synonymous with coming up short on your goals.  As I watched the utter joy experienced by the Cubs players as they won a hard fought game 7 (in extra innings no less), I couldn’t help but think about our own career choices here at BlueRock and the joys we get to experience as well.

Because we have the capability to film and edit, we tend to attract people and entities that are noteworthy for one reason or another.  Kevin Spacey hanging out in our studio chatting with Brian about his dogs, Justin Tucker shooting the breeze about football with Scott between Royal Farms takes, and me watching the greatest Olympian of all time…actually swimming in my place of business!  This is very cool stuff and makes for great conversation at the cocktail parties and family reunions!

But not to be overlooked is the fact that we are blessed to have met and filmed some very courageous “ordinary” people…people with great stories of determination and grit.  Cancer survivors and their families, agencies working to help people with drug addiction or to find healthy alternatives to suicide, people living out a dream to make a music video, a preacher trying to save souls, a small nonprofit fighting for its existence with the passion to survive and thrive.  These lists could go on and on as we reflect on 22 years in business.  But the bottom line is that as we head closer to Thanksgiving this month, we are thankful for the wonderful people that we’ve had the privilege to meet, learn from and be inspired by through our cameras and mics.